One day at a time…

It seems that I’m back to my “one day at a time” approach to stress management.  I just returned from an awesome retreat with my coworkers in Tahoe and am feeling excited but also a little overwhelmed.  In the beginning of the week I felt the old twinges of anxiety striking when I started thinking about the mountain of work that is in front of me.  That’s when I realized two things. First, it’s kind of my specialty in life to worry about something obsessively and then work hard to do it anyway.  Second, one day at a time helps so much!  Instead of worrying about everything I need to do for the whole school year, (or even next week), all I can do right now is work hard on what needs to get done today and plan for what needs to still happen, (without worrying so much about it).  This is how I survived my program last year and I can already feel it taking the stress off a bit.  So here’s to what I hope will be a very rewarding climb up the mountain, one day at a time!


One thought on “One day at a time…

  1. Nicole says:

    GOOD LUCK on your journey, Olivia! I'm glad that you had a great retreat and you are going to do an AMAZING job! One day at a time is a great motto 🙂

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