Sometimes I wish I could put life on pause and truly soak up the good moments.

We just got back from our little escape and even though I tried to savor every moment, it all still slipped by too quickly.  This blog is beginning to feel more and more like a time capsule where I can capture the good memories for safe keeping.
We stayed at the cutest little cabin up in the redwoods in Cazadero.  The location was gorgeous, beneath towering thousand year-old trees, adjacent to a beautiful clear creek, only 25 minutes from the crashing surf in Jenner.  One of the highlights for me, was sitting underneath the stars, staring up at the nearly-full moon through the sky-high redwoods.  We also discovered the quirky little town of Guerneville, full of good food, locally crafted beer, and an unusually high concentration of gay men, (whose overheard stories undoubtedly added to our entertainment).
The little bed and breakfast cottages where we stayed, (Elim Grove:, were run by a lovely young family who also owns a bakery on site.  Our cottage was decorated with carefully picked vintage items that all came together perfectly.  Sometimes “old decor” is a dissuading factor for me, but this was not old because it had been sitting there for decades, it was old because it was stylishly selected to all fit together beautifully in a modern way.  If you’re inspired to go, we recommend the Creekside Cottage or the Paradise Grove Cottage, as they offer the most privacy.  We hope to return soon!

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One thought on “Escape

  1. TheXander says:

    I'm convinced. Let's go back 🙂

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