5,827 words…

Wow.  I wish I had more time to write.  This week has forced out more writing than my six weeks of summer vacation.  I really think that the difference is writing without looking back instead of losing my energy worrying about word choice and reviewing each small piece over and over.  Maybe the writing is better that way, but it does not matter if it keeps me from ever finishing.  I’m excited that I’m actually making slow but steady progress forward.

Since I know that you’re enthralled by my progress, you can track me here:


If nothing else, holding myself publicly accountable is just one more step toward finishing a whole book.  I may not make it to 50,000 words in a month, but if I make it to 30,000 words, I’ll be more than pleased!

Happy Saturday!

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2 thoughts on “5,827 words…

  1. krystrom says:

    You are adorable! I can't wait to read it!! Go Olivia!

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