Mother Russia & Foreign Markets

According to Google Analytics, I have a steady stream of traffic from Russia on this blog.  I wonder who my mysterious Russian viewers are?  Are they real people or some sort of electronic webpage crawlers based out of Russia?  I’m very intrigued.  Clearly, the nerdy international relations major in me is still alive and well.

Alex and I actually went to a Russian market with friends this weekend.  Well, a Russian and Korean market.  Quite the combination!  If you’ve never been to a foreign market before, go!  They’re a nerdy international relations major’s dream!

Whether they’re here or abroad, I love visiting foreign markets.  They’re always stocked with really unusual items that I find fascinating.  Among the most interesting finds this time were vodka hidden in a babushka doll and hula hoops with “massaging” spikes, (they weren’t really spikes, just felt that way when I tried it out, to Alex’s amusement, in the middle of the store!).  Not to mention all of the scary variations of meat, (head cheese or whole eels anyone?).  I always find these stores reminiscent of watching an episode of Bizarre Foods or Anthony Bourdain… An instant and cheap adventure!

I actually have a not-so-secret obsession with foreign markets, as well as babushka dolls, so this outing was an unexpected thrill!  (And, way more accessible than actually going to Russia or Korea!)


ADHD side note of the night…  This Portlandia clip hits a little too close to home.  What shall I try next oh-great creative occupational wizard?  (Documentary maker, tried that, wedding videographer, tried that too, writer, sure!  Who knows, maybe making my own jewelry is next!)

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