Expecting Happiness

If you know me, you know that I change my mind a lot.  Here is my new, and hopefully improved, pitch for my book.  I would love to hear whether you like this one or the old one better, (see Better? post for the old version).  So far, the feedback I’ve received is that the first one was better…  I really can’t decide!  I’ve changed the working title from Six Weeks to Expecting Happiness, I also welcome thoughts there, (kind of a play on the pregnancy/family theme).

Expecting Happiness

Desire for Escape.
Desire for Adventure.
Desire for Something More…

Kristen and Jake are much like many couples in their late twenties. They were told that they could be anything they wanted when they grew up. The problem is, beside each other, they cannot figure out what they want. Somehow, they have found themselves stuck in windowless cubes, trudging to meaningless jobs, grasping for purpose. Most nights, they forget to even look at each other. However, after the loss of a pregnancy forces them to reevaluate their priorities, they decide to reclaim their childhood dreams of adventure by embarking on separate journeys. While Jake sets off across country by car, Kristen secretly chases an old flame to Europe. Both searching for something different, they find themselves on surprisingly parallel adventures that may or may not lead them back together.

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One thought on “Expecting Happiness

  1. Melinda says:

    Hey I saw this on your gmail status – love the blog! And super excited to see you're writing (have written?) a novel; it sounds amazing (and parts, familiar *wink*). I know you're probably way busy but if you ever have time, I'd love to hear what you and Alex are up to. Take care and good luck with everything!Melinda

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