The Never-Ending Pitch

Expecting Happiness (Yes, trying out different titles this week!)

Kristen and Jake were told that they could be anything they wanted when they grew up.  The problem is, beside each other, they can’t figure out what they want.  Like many couples in their late twenties, they’ve found themselves stuck in windowless cubes, trudging to meaningless jobs, grasping for purpose.  Most nights, they forget to even look at each other.  

Desperate for change, they’re willing to try anything.  They’ve already attempted multiple failed side businesses, ranging from operating a photography studio out of their extra bedroom to selling video game avatars online.  Well, that second part was just Jake.  Running out of ideas, they set their sights on parenthood as the missing key to their happiness.  

However, after a miscarriage jolts them back to reality, they instead decide to reclaim their childhood dreams of adventure.  They quit their jobs, sell their house, and set off on separate journeys.  While Jake heads across country by car, Kristen secretly chases an old flame to Europe.  Finding themselves on often parallel adventures, they are torn between the allure of seductive foreigners and their unrelenting longing for one another– until an ironic twist of fate ultimately forces them to decide whether they are better off together or apart.
Wish List:

1.  I want to make the last sentence about the twist of fate less clumsy/more exciting (not sure about the use of — either…)
2.  Looking for a spot to seamlessly integrate a brief physical description of each to paint a better picture
3.  It still feels book-reporty, I know…  I need to spice it up!

DISCLAIMER:  Some friends have already expressed concern that maybe my book is a reflection of my own life/relationship/desires/etc.  This is NOT the case!  While there are definitely tiny pieces of my life in this book, I chose to create conflict because the book is both fictional and more interesting this way! 😀

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