Four Teachers in a Prius

We’re barely 24 hours in and we’re already having quite the adventure.

Last night we rolled into Eugene around 11PM to discover that we were not the only people looking for a place to sleep.  Turns out the Olympic Trials are underway and there was not a room to be had– not even at the Motel 6!  Okay, little bit of an exaggeration, there were rooms for $230+ at the Holiday Inn, (and they would not budge on the price, even with my plea for the special “four teachers in a Prius” discount).  I got some good laughs, at least.  One strike against spontaneity, I suppose, although we had a good time with it.

Now, we’re here in Olympia, WA and ready for tonight’s roller derby bout.  I have to say, my first impression of Olympia is pretty awesome– I dig the vibe of all of the hipster-y restaurants and stores.  We even contemplated buying unicorn masks to wear to the bout and our lunch waitress was so awesome that she gave gave us free chocolate chip cookies for eating all our food.  We’re actually noticing that people outside of California are much, much friendlier.  Go figure.  Time to watch some girls get aggressive on skates and attend my first roller derby after party, which is conveniently located next door to a tattoo parlor.  Should be a wild night for Grandma, (my would-be derby name if I weren’t such a grandma about the whole idea).

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