Oregon Coast: Old Man & The Sea

Yesterday I hiked a ways with an old man.  He had to be in his 80s, at least.  He walked alone with his Bichon Frise, a friendly girl named Maggie.  At first I tried to walk away, to stay up with my group, but he kept talking.  He told me about moving to Alabama during the height of desegregation, how his daughter adapted a Southern accent in just two weeks to fit in, being drafted after high school, wondering what his life would have been like if he had become a vet at UC Davis like he planned instead.  He was a Sacramento transplant living on the Oregon coast.  Life left him alone and he needed to talk.

Riding away in the car after we parted ways, I felt a little sad.  Here all that old man wanted was someone to listen to his story and I was trying to walk faster to keep up with my group. Once I really stopped to listen, I was happy I did– he told some incredible stories, I only wish I got to hear more.

Every time I visit the Oregon Coast I do not want to leave.

Our hike to the sand dunes.

Sunset picnic on the beach.


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