Five Things in a Bag

While I cannot take credit for this great idea, still want to share.  Part of the new school year is designed around building a positive classroom community where students know and trust each other.  Tomorrow, my fourth/fifth grade team will ask students to bring five things in a bag that represent themselves.  We’ll share our own bag to model the project and then allow students to ask questions about what we brought.

Me in a bag:

1.  Since I will be sharing my bag tomorrow, on my birthday, I chose the lion stuffed animal my dad bought at the hospital the day I was born.  It represents the fact that I am a Leo and reminds me of my family growing up.  I heard the story of this lion so many times.  It also caught most of my adolescent tears.

2.  My travel yoga mat kills two birds with one stone.  I love yoga, I love traveling.  Easy.  Debating whether or not to gross out the kids with a description of hot yoga…

3.  The little green ball with the face belongs to my dog child Simon.  Yes, I just called him that. No further explanation necessary.  Although, I will note that he looked confused about why I went out to the backyard to get his toy and then put it in a bag instead of playing with him.  He probably thinks we’re taking a trip.  He knows that bags mean trips.  Come to think of it, he’s now sleeping by the door.

4.  I included my Buddha notebook because it is filled with my writing, which is obviously an essential part of who I am.

5.  Last, I grabbed a wedding picture off the side table in our living room.  The kids got a kick out of hearing that we met in fourth grade and I wanted to also show them that they can bring pictures and/or drawings if what is important to them does not really fit in a bag, (you’re welcome Alex that I did not ask you to get in the bag instead!).

My five things…

…in a bag!

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2 thoughts on “Five Things in a Bag

  1. kingmidget says:

    Oh great … one more thing to try to figure out. 🙂 Very cool that you still have the stuffed animal from the day you were born … and, before it’s too late, happy birthday.

  2. jeffo says:

    Happy birthday!

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