Thankfulness Thursday: Unconditional Love

Autumn sunbeams and floating spider webs above a crystal clear alpine lake,

Warmth and family.

Mom, brother, and one dirty, happy dog.

Driving north on 1-5 Tuesday morning, alone, save for Simon buckled up in the backseat, tears streamed down my face. Headed to visit my mom, who lives three and a half hours away, four words rang true in my head:

I need my mom.

I rarely think those words. I love my mom, yes, but at 29, I rarely think I need her. Realizing these words are still true, I was overtaken by emotion. I need my mom. Words so true tears had to follow.

Separated by time and space, I often forget I need her. We talk less than we should, weekly phone calls stretching into 10 days, 11, 12, sometimes 14. We see each other maybe four times a year. Important visits, but I forget I still need her.

I need that woman who cuts fresh flowers each time I visit, bakes me pies and rubs my head. The woman who plays Scrabble with me and still offers to brush my hair. The very woman who used to call me her baby and carry me around in her arms. Driving alone, I realized I need my mom.

Today I am thankful for a few days in Mt. Shasta, the sun still warm, my mom, my brother, and my dog. Sitting around playing games late into the night. My brother showing me his project with the earth, the cob home he is building, the greenhouse with its foundation, the desk and pile of books alone in the woods. Reminding me of the meaning of unconditional love.

Driving south on I-5 today, rain dotting my dusty windshield, soulful music playing loudly, instead of crying, I smiled and sang at the top of my lungs. Time well spent, reinvigorated, alive. I am thankful for family, our roots strong and connected like trees, unconditional.


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8 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursday: Unconditional Love

  1. kingmidget says:


  2. Shandell Solbach says:

    Love this and so true! I can relate!

  3. Rose says:

    I need my daughter. Thanks for all your love and great capacity to share your love not only to me but to so many other lives you touch through your work and writing.

    I love you always, Mom

  4. Thank you for posting this…it was especially touching for me today, as we lost my grandfather last night. So glad you got to cherish time with your family! ❤

  5. Covetotop says:

    So much beauty in such a little post …

  6. thetravelingsauls says:

    I don’t think we ever outgrow needing our mom. This was lovely, thank you.

  7. Such sweet sentiments for your momma. No matter how old we get we still need our mommas! Glad your time with family was so renewing to your soul. And I love your Thankfulness Thursday tree drawing! Just beautiful! Thanks for linking up again this week!

    • oliviaobryon says:

      Thanks for the sweet words– it was definitely a gratitude-filled week. So happy you inspired me to start writing these on Thursdays. Makes me happier stopping to appreciate the good stuff! 😀

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