teach your children well

I could not say it better myself.

welcome to grace.

Not too long ago, a student I have taught for three out his almost-four-year high school career said to me, “Ms. Lavelle, didn’t you have higher aspirations than becoming a teacher?”

I put down the papers I had been collecting and looked at him.  I couldn’t find the words.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t answer the question.  It was that I couldn’t believe he had asked it.  It was clear to me that he thought of me as a disappointment, as someone who had, somehow, fallen short.

It’s true:  I never intended to be a high school teacher, perhaps because I saw how tirelessly my mother had worked.  And, in certain social circles, when I’m asked what I do, I respond with, “I’m just a teacher.”  Because somehow, in our great history, we decided that teaching is a profession that doesn’t warrant the same respect as other professions.  I think the motto goes something like this:  He who…

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2 thoughts on “teach your children well

  1. jeffo says:

    I’ll have to go and read the article, but I just can’t believe the lack of regard we have for teachers in this country.

    • oliviaobryon says:

      It surprises me all the time. I just wish people would take a moment to see what it’s like, stop by, hang out a bit in our classrooms before saying/doing the things they do… But, I know a lot of time parents just want to protect their kids, so I kind of get it… Kind of 😉

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