Make Today Matter

Baby, it’s cold outside…

It’s that time of year. It’s hard to get out of bed. 6AM in chilly darkness is torture. I’m tired and grumpy, the first one awake. The dog moves seamlessly into my spot as soon as my feet hit the carpet. I’ve never been so jealous of a ball of fur.

This week I realized I need to reframe how I see the world in the morning. My plan of attack, three words taped to my mirror.

Make Today Matter

I may not win any decorating awards with this choice, but I’m hoping it will remind me to begin my day with a little positive reflection. Heck, I have notes everywhere else– the kitchen, my computer, my desk, my lunch bag… About time I put a note the first place I look each morning.

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7 thoughts on “Make Today Matter

  1. jeffo says:

    Very nice. It can never hurt to get a little reminder.

  2. thetravelingsauls says:

    Love it! I keep dry erase pens in the bathrooms and we write notes on the mirrors all the time.

  3. Kozo says:

    I love this. I think I will add a {{{Hug}}} in there in case I need one first thing in the morning.

  4. Mornings, winter, and darkness are hard for me too! I think the reminder written somewhere easily seen would be helpful for me too!

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