A New Year, A New Home Office

Finishing our home office has been a three year process. Much of my writing used to take place with my laptop on the couch because it was a more pleasant place to sit. However, with some minor design changes and some new wall art, we now type at our own desks, back to back. Best of all, the division of space means the living room is no longer a computing zone, restoring a bit of balance to our household.

And, this huge picture of Paris reminded me that even if you don’t like your view out the window, you can always buy one that does the trick. Not a bad place to stare as I fix my chapters that take place in Paris…

Do you have an inviting space set aside for just writing?

IKEA $49 huge wall art = amazing.

IKEA $49 huge wall art = an awesome new window.

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3 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Home Office

  1. Very cool picture. Love the way the Eiffel tower is lit up… And actually, I’ve just recently (finally) managed to de-clutter my desk. Now we just have to de-clutter the rest of my office. This is pretty much my dedicated working space unless I decide to work from my iPad.

    • oliviaobryon says:

      It makes such a difference! Half the reason I didn’t like being at my desk was the amount of stuff in our little office. Kind of doubled as a storage space. Now that it doesn’t, I love being in here. Good luck getting cleaned up! 🙂

      • Thanks. Right now it’s got a boxed porcelain sink tub still in a box in it. Hubby plans on replacing the kitchen sink…can’t wait! Then I can start shredding and tossing (and de-packratting…LOL!)

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