Right Action & Overwhelming Goodness

My sister orchestrated a coat drive at her school over the holidays to benefit my students. I didn’t ask her to, it was part of her “right action” project. On Sunday night, two huge bins of jackets were loaded into the back of my car. Each included a carefully drawn flyer reminding others of the importance of right action. I felt mighty proud of my kid sister.

Yesterday, I got a thank you letter in the mail to give to our student council. Our food drive, organized by the kids in December, contributed nearly 2,000 meals. The first load alone weighed more than 300 lbs.

Today a parent set up a schedule to work in my classroom. She plans to spend an hour in my room four days a week working with a student who is special to her, my very own Maniac Magee. Her husband is scheduled to volunteer a couple days a week too, on his days off. They do not even have a kid in my class. They also spend significant time at my school in other rooms, art and their own children’s. They are just that kind.

Last week, a good friend came in on her hard-earned day off to talk to my class about being a journalist and going to grad school. This month my dad plans to volunteer as well. My mom sent healthy snacks for the kids in December and was so excited by their gratitude she just ordered more…

Sometimes when my job feels like a lot to carry, I am blown away by how others are willing to share the load. I am most humbled when this help comes out of nowhere. Just when it seems like I could not possibly ask for anything more, someone else reaches out and makes a difference, reinvigorating my dedication to my work and my faith in people.

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4 thoughts on “Right Action & Overwhelming Goodness

  1. kingmidget says:

    You know, over the years … I was a Big Brother for a couple of years, I tutored a Hmong gentleman for a few months, volunteered in my kids classes when they were younger, and have mentored a couple of high school students whose senior projects revolved around writing. There is very little of that type of thing happening in my life these days. If you ever were to think of some way I could help, even if it’s just coming in an hour a week to help with an activity or work with a particular student or whatever, let me know. I’d love to do it.

  2. thetravelingsauls says:

    Your gratitude is contagious and I’m feeling the love, secondhand!

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