Big Dreams: Author Platforms, Twitter & Video Blogs (Oh my!)

Alright, I did it. I signed back up for Twitter. Maybe the third time is the charm? I still don’t completely get it, so if you’re into Twitter, you may have to give me some tips. You can follow me here. I’ll absolutely return the favor. To be perfectly honest, Twitter gives me a bit of anxiety.

I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s the constant stream of 140 character or less messages. Maybe it’s the porn bot followers I always end up with. Maybe it’s the threat of one more online outlet to monopolize my thoughts and time… I have to promise myself it will be a quick afterthought. You know, five minutes a day, not hours drained into the frantic declaration of short thoughts against a puffy, clouded backdrop.

What sucked me back in? The answer is a compounding one. First a fellow blogger swore by it for getting book and agent attention. Second a different fellow blogger wrote me an email to share her success in building a bigger audience. Third I watched this video by Folio Literary Managementย and best-selling author Brendon Burchard, which swears Twitter is a must for every aspiring author.


I’ll give it another shot. But seriously, not sure why my blood pressure increases every time I think about it…

In other, non-Twitter news, that link above is great for anyone who writes books. Got me motivated to push myself out there a little more in this whole platform-building process. I have become a bit complacent in recent months, happy enough with my little blog community, not pushing to expand.

However, I get that if I really want to traditionally publish my work, I need to keep pushing myself out there… So, I’m going to do it. I’m going to keep pushing, without being obnoxious to my core readers, I hope. One other thing the video convinced me to try, videos on my blog.


That’s another one of those things I have resisted because it feels so… I don’t know… Self-centered? Like, look at me! Watch me talk, I have something important to say that needs to be delivered in a video instead of a regular blog! I guess all blogging is at its core somewhat self-centered, so I’m willing to let that go if putting my voice out there helps to build an audience.

So, my lovely, true readers, here are Sunday’s big questions:

1. Do you have any Twitter advice for me? What’s the deal with hashtags? Do I need to put them everywhere, or what?

2. Video blogs… I haven’t caught any of you making them. Why don’t you? Or, alternatively, what in the world should I make a video blog about? I’m giving myself a week to come up with something, since I’ll need natural light to make a decent one and, well, that won’t happen during the week, (like my excuse in delaying this whole jump?!).

Happy Sunday.

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8 thoughts on “Big Dreams: Author Platforms, Twitter & Video Blogs (Oh my!)

  1. How do we always manage to post about similar subject matter in the same week? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. bwtaylor75 says:

    So happy you’re on Twitter. There are so many great resources you really should be on it. Hashtags are useful for finding new people to follow, or they allow others to find you. You can easily block the porn bots by clicking on the person and then clicking the little person box next to the follow button. A drop down menu will appear and you can choose the block option. Poof, porn bot gone. Don’t feel like you have to follow anyone just because they followed you first (that includes me). Start following your favorite authors, agents, publisher, etc. and strike up a conversation. It’ll take a little while, but people will find you. Have fun.

    Many agents check the #askagent hashtag. Be sure to check it out. You may also want to check out @brendadrake who puts on some of the best contests. She has a new one starting at the end of march you may be interested in.

    Sorry, can’t help you with the Vlogging. I’ve never done it, nor do I wish to. Good luck!

  3. JenSnyder says:

    Woo hoo! Welcome back to twitter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kozo says:

    Love this advice, Olivia. Will check out the video.
    I too am a twitter newbie, but get Tweetdeck. It makes things so much easier.Set up lists and columns to monitor activity.
    I used to make vlogs, but I haven’t since I started blogging. Might have to start again.
    See you on twitter.

    • oliviaobryon says:

      Cool, I’ll have to check it out! And, still not sure what in the world I will vlog about… But it seems like kind of a cool way to connect in a totally different realm… I’d love to see a vlog on every blog I follow, honestly. I have these images/voices I imagine people to be like…

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