Offbeat Families Post: Baby Fever!

It is only fitting my last post was about vulnerability, because today I am excited to share a post I wrote for a much bigger blog than my own, Offbeat Families. The coolest part about writing this post was hearing from others that I am definitely not alone in my overwhelming desire for children. The least cool part is admitting my obsession.

However, I am happy to report the fever has diminished a bit since I wrote this piece a few weeks ago. I don’t know what happens to our brains as women. It seems to be getting worse and worse each year… Babies, babies, babies.

Even pictures of myself as a baby make me want a baby. That's sickness.

I find it mildly disturbing that even pictures of myself as a baby make me want to be a mom. It’s a sickness. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Offbeat Families Post: Baby Fever!

  1. drawntostyle says:

    Olivia! I’m so proud of you my talented friend! You inspire me :D. Excellently written…although now I fear what’s to come haha.

  2. Kozo says:

    Congratulations, Olivia. How did you get syndicated?
    As a father of two kids under 5, I’d have to say, enjoy your freedom while you can, but it is wonderful being a parent. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • oliviaobryon says:

      I submitted to their site– do you follow Offbeat Families? I have a feeling you’d like a lot of what they post. And, yes, I know when it does eventually happen it will be life changing… That’s why I’m not quite ready yet. Just creepy how the desire for children takes over my logical brain 😉

  3. […] blogged before about how I find myself wanting children but fear having children will keep me from writing. As I […]

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