The Who

I’m planning to join this new community of writers interested in becoming (or already) self-published.

If you write, check it out and consider joining as well!

At the moment, we’re a community of four authors/contributors.  I have invitations out to others.  I know they’re lurking, waiting, thinking about jumping in.  The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

The four so far are:

Mark Paxson … for links look up at the About page.  I’ve self-published two collections of short stories and a novel.  I’ve got novel #2 almost ready to go.

Sahm King.  An incredibly talented poet.  One of the two brains behind We Drink Because We’re Poets.  He’s self-published.  Poetry and his own take on Fifty Shades of Grey.  He’s got advice and ideas.

Michelle Proulx.  She’s published through iUniverse.  I’m looking forward to learning from her experience there.

Erin French.  Erin has a novel out for the Kindle is about ready to release her second.  I think her first novel was one of the first I read from…

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