When It Don’t Come Easy

A coworker, friend, and yoga buddy just started his first blog– check out his first heart-felt post and click follow!

I remember talking to myself driving on the highway trying to find the right song that would understand and keep me company through this trip, trying to keep it together and be focused. Hours earlier I received a call from my mom that her and my dad were in Palm Springs as my sister, Ana, had been in a severe car accident(jaws of life to get her out, life flight helicopter, etc.),had to have both of her legs amputated and was in ICU sustaining other injuries. How in shock I was at work when I tried to get the words out of my mouth to my supervisor and co-workers. I felt disoriented, it couldn’t process, “MY sister? My little sister?! Both legs amputated?! This can’t be right.”. Here I was hours later, making the drive from Sacramento to Palm Springs(that I would eventually become pretty familiar with)still trying process this…

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4 thoughts on “When It Don’t Come Easy

  1. kingmidget says:

    A great, incredible story of family and love and … well, just all sorts of things. Thanks for sharing this. I hope he has more stories to tell.

  2. thetravelingsauls says:

    Small world… I know Anna!

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