Out-of-office Response: See you next week!

In light of all the lovely blog love I have received in the past couple days, it’s hard to keep myself from checking in around here, (thanks again to my fellow Bloggers for Peace). However, I really must push myself to step away, so hopefully you won’t be seeing any more words from me until next week. Must. Resist.

Okay, now that I wrote that, I’m going to have a million irresistible blog ideas…

Have a safe and fun fourth!

Happy Fourth of July from Oahu's lovely North Shore.

Happy Fourth of July from Oahu’s beautiful North Shore.

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6 thoughts on “Out-of-office Response: See you next week!

  1. Have a nice break

  2. jeffo says:

    As soon as I decided to take my blogging break back in May, I had three or four things come up almost immediately that I said, “I should blog about this! I can whip up this post in five minutes!” But, you’re on a break, take it; the ideas will keep. Enjoy your holiday

  3. kingmidget says:

    Great picture.

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