Thankfulness Thursday: Four Years Married.

So little time, in the grand scheme of things, but still a world away from where we started. In the spirit of Thankfulness Thursday, I am grateful for four years of marriage to my best friend of more than a decade. I know it might be a used term of endearment, but it is true. Without our deep friendship, none of the rest would matter.

And, as excited as I was to walk down the aisle four years ago today, I am even more excited about what lies ahead.Β Life may be unpredictable, as the last couple weeks have reminded us, but it is also deserving of faith in the future. Tonight, I put my trust in life, love, and gratitude.


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14 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursday: Four Years Married.

  1. Tanya Leigh says:

    Love this and love you guys!! You inspire me ❀

  2. Nicole says:

    Happy anniversary Olivia and Alex!! Your guys’ story is amazing. I am so glad that you two found such love and happiness ❀ πŸ™‚ I miss you both!

  3. kingmidget says:

    Congrats on the four years and that you married your best friend. This is part of an on-going conversation I’m having with a co-worker who is about your age and desperate to find the one. I’ve told her, over and over again, that the best thing in the world is to find a friend first and let the rest develop out of that friendship. Happy Anniversary.

  4. Happy we could be there for that great moment four years ago!

  5. Happy anniversary, friend! Being married to your best friend makes it all do-able. I’m excited to watch your future play out.

  6. What a beautiful picture. Congrats on 4 years!

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