Month Five: The Leap

A crossover post from my other blog– here’s to new adventures in motherhood AND writing! More on that second part to come.

Leap of Mama

Month 6 and year 31 may be the most exciting yet. My beautiful, present reality.

31 tomorrow. You don’t need to wish me a happy birthday. I am happy enough.

This week I wrote my letter of resignation with tears in my eyes. A blessing to choose between two good things, but hard to let go. My school has become part of my identity. Those kids changed me. My coworkers are friends. It took me forever to type. I wrote, deleted, wrote, deleted. I could not find the right words to express the difficulty of my decision. It is strange how much our jobs become entangled in our identities.

Still, my life has changed. I am not ready to leave my sweet girl for six hours a day. Maybe fewer would have worked, but I am grateful life chose for me. The words of advice that stuck with me most were about time. Jobs will be out there when she is bigger and…

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One thought on “Month Five: The Leap

  1. jeffo says:

    I read the full post. Not an easy decision to make, as I know how much you loved teaching. But you’re right, she’s only this age once. Good for you, and best wishes.

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