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Field Day: Dunk Tank, Cotton Candy & the Heimlich

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If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you get the point.  I survived my first year teaching and am happy about it.  You’re probably hoping my brain moves onto something else soon…

So, today’s post will be short and sweet, just some pictures from today’s field day to mark the true end of my first year teaching.  After months of walking in silent lines and more-or-less following directions the first time, the students were rewarded with a free day of just fun, no official learning.

The weather was perfect, the kids had a blast, and I somehow avoided the dunk tank despite the chanting of my name.  Good thing my students didn’t earn those last four points…  Even more memorable, however, I successfully administered the Heimlich Maneuver to a student with a wad of cotton candy stuck in his throat.  The poor kid look terrified, my heart beat through my chest.  Afterward, I hugged him like he was family as the other students cheered.  By the way, I’m now officially a pro at saving choking children, even gave some lessons to interested parents after school.

Enough of that, I promised short.

With these happy pictures, hurrary for the end!

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