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Keep the Pacific Northwest Weird

I figured out last night why I like Olympia so much.  It’s weird.  Good weird.  The walls are covered with amazing murals, the bars and restaurants are a mixture of kitsch, nostalgia and hipster.  It is working class, industrial, but also artsy, green, alive.  In short, I like it.  And, did I mention I have an obsession with murals?  I even found myself navigating alleyways full of broken glass to find more, (it was safe, I promise).  Ironically, I expected Olympia to be less interesting, just a stop to make for the roller derby bout.

Speaking of which, those girls know how to have a good time.  Truthfully, I threw in the towel around 1AM and walked my grandma-self back to the hotel.  By that point, the Jersey Shore beats in the club we somehow ended up in were just a little too much for me.  I can only fist pump so many times before I lose interest.  I think I reached my lifetime limit.  And, while I was asked more than once if I had any tattoos, I managed to avoid getting any, which is an accomplishment given the abundance of establishments and my not-so-secret desire for one.

Today we are headed for Portland.  Instead of Keep Portland Weird, I think it should be Keep the Pacific Northwest Weird.  If it were not so darn overcast up here all the time, I would move in a heartbeat.  There is enough weird in the Pacific Northwest to keep me writing for a lifetime.

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