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Notebooks, Notebooks Everywhere!

I don’t keep a diary or a journal.  I do keep notebooks and notebooks full of lists, ideas, quotes, and little pieces of inspiration.  I recently read that both adults and children that keep gratitude journals are happier and healthier.  That’s what my notebooks are for me, little conscious reminders to live life and be happy.  I encourage some of my students to do the same thing and am planning to make a more concerted whole class effort next school year.

Interestingly, these notebooks helped to pull me out of my darkest moments and are now an integral part of my life.  At yoga last night, I realized that I need to start bringing a notebook to class so that I can jot down all of the ideas that come to me while I’m out living life.  Others might think I’m strange, but I swear by these little notes to myself.  They keep me creative, inspired, planned, and happy.  They help me shape my own reality.

My current rotation of notebooks.

I use my notebooks to collect quotes…

And brainstorm life choices. This was before quitting my old job, I like how I thought there was a magic answer.

Happy little inspiration scribbles…

Plans for the future, (Six Weeks is now Expecting Happiness)…

And, today’s list, plans to finish my book with help from my lovely readers.  Thanks ladies!

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