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Dirty, Dirty Politics

One of my fifth graders is getting a life lesson early. This week is student council elections and her posters are being ripped in half in the hallway, sprayed with water, destroyed. To top it all off, she’s also being called nasty names. When I first discovered this, I wanted desperately to protect her. I wanted to make it stop, (and, I feel I have done everything in my power to do so).

Nonetheless, as I walked to my car this afternoon, it occurred to me that if nothing else, she is learning something about life that is all too true– politics are dirty, even at age 10.

Someone really wants to win.┬áStill trying to figure out who our own Tracy Flick is…

Cue the scene where the posters are torn from the wall.

Perfect timing as our own, “adult” presidential election heats up. If only the grown-ups would lead by example.


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