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Cozy little blue vest.

Autumn storms in Sacramento mean chilly evenings, (you know, chilly by California, non-snowy standards).

Enter my beloved North Face down vest.

There are two things you should know. One, I have very stylish friends. Two, I’m not nearly as stylish. But, my love for this puffy, blue sleeping-bag-of-a-vest has nothing to do with style. It’s all about how it makes me feel. Warm, safe, happy.

You can ask my family. They’re likely to see me in this all winter long, (plus whatever I can get away with in fall and spring too). If I were a character in your novel, you would have to include it. I have an odd attachment to this puffy pillow of a vest that I received for Christmas last year. So odd and so strong I had to blog about it. That and I had to lighten the mood. Been a little serious lately.

Do you also have an adult safety blanket, or is it just me?

Did I mention half the teachers I know own one of these things? Wearing mine right now…

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A Little Sunshine on My Shoulder

Earlier this week, I shared my disappointment over a hard day at school.  Since then, I’ve recovered, although really, things aren’t that different.  Today I made three behavior calls after school and sent one kid to the office, which while improved from the six calls on Monday, still is not the place I want to be in the second week of school… I thought the honeymoon was supposed to last longer!

Even so, I feel much better than I did Monday, mostly because I’ve consciously forced myself to stay positive.  Today, for example, when any kid started complaining or pouting or grumbling or what have you, I sent him or her outside to come back in with a positive attitude.  I told the class negativity is contagious, and I meant it.

Mostly, it worked.  Even my students that got in trouble today were fairly calm and took responsibility for their actions.  What a nice improvement from Monday!  It is easy to forget how much of a difference a deep breath and smile can make in a stressful situation, especially when thirty kids want your attention for different reasons after lunch while you’re also trying to set-up your lesson and give reading assessments…  Wait, did someone say teaching is easy?

Thankfully, today brought a lot of little happy pick-me-ups to keep the positive momentum going.  Here are a few worth sharing:

Where to begin… The birthday committee at school honored August birthdays with these lovely Flat Stanley versions of ourselves… Let’s just say it developed out of a joke on the 4/5 road trip. My little sunshine, after school helper got a big kick out of taking this picture for me.

Happy August birthdays!  Really, this little happy joke made my day.  Teachers are such quirky, funny, creative people.  Love it (and them).

I couldn’t resist posing the Flat Stanley version of myself in my classroom.  I debated showing it to the kids this afternoon, but I think it will have to be more of a morning treat, when they’re still focused enough to pull themselves back together afterward.

Then for some good old-fashioned, shallow happiness– got home to a very exciting box of birthday presents in the mail. Who says retail therapy isn’t worthwhile?

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know I have a lucky pair of sparkly Toms. No joke, they cheer me up with their whimsy.  Hoping their new, blue-soled cousins do the same trick.

And, last but not least, hard not to be content with this guy cuddling up to me while I type.  Here’s wishing everyone an equally positive Friday tomorrow.

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