I make no promises to entertain you.  Let it be known, my goal, (as all blogs seem to have a goal), is to give myself a space to share what is on my mind.  I hope to share what is going on in my life as well as things that inspire me.  I don’t mind if you have no interest in reading any of it.  No one is forcing you to!

Moreover, this is not a blog with the hidden desire to become a book or some other source of income.  Yes, I like to write and write in my spare time, but this blog is not about creating some sort of coherent marketable package. Instead, it’s just an attempt to connect more with the people in my life, (ironic, I know, since it’s online), and to become more comfortable with my writing voice that I present to other people.  I’m not a writer by occupation, which means that I often find many reasons not to write in the day.  That is why I like the blog format so much, it keeps my writing alive even when I only have energy to share an anecdote from my day.

I also feel like it’s the perfect medium to not spend so much time worrying about whether everything is beautifully interwoven and to instead just write.  In teaching kids to write, (since that is what I do by day, teach), there is a lot of emphasis on free-writing, which is something that I want to do more often.  So here I am, writing, free-writing, without the pressure to be perfect but with the pressure to write frequently.  Perfect!

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