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Blog Advice… Blogvice?

I’m reading a pretty cool book, The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.  When I first heard the title from another aspiring author, I thought that it sounded useful, but bland, the last stop on my journey to finishing my book.  Instead, I’ve discovered it to be much more entertaining than I expected.  And, in exchange for purchasing the book, I now have a twenty minute “consultation” with its authors, the Book Doctors.

You would think that I would be all over this opportunity, but instead I had to talk myself into actually submitting the request.  The voice in my head kept saying, “It’s too early,” “You’re not ready to talk to anyone about your book,” “Is your book even good?” Even in a situation that has very little potential of yielding anything, I find myself afraid of failure, which is why I sucked it up, and made the appointment.  Kind of the story of my life.  Anxiety.  Suck it up and do it anyway.

One of my takeaways so far from their book is that I need to develop some sort of web presence for myself, somewhere to hang my writing hat, so to speak.  So far, my blog has just been a place where I muse about anything and everything, (happiness, travel, writing, teaching…), but they recommend limiting blog subjects to attract and maintain an audience.  I can see what they’re saying, but I also have a hard time devoting myself to just one theme… I love having a space that I can write about anything, audience or not.  And, no, a journal would not serve the same purpose!

What do you think?  You read my blog.  Would you rather I picked one theme and stuck with it?  I know that it’s a bit of a biased sampling since you’re undoubtedly reading this because you actually know me, but I am still curious of your thoughts.  Better if I only wrote about writing, traveling, teaching, or happiness?  Or, keep this blog and start another one that only has one focus for the goal of establishing myself as a writer?


On a random side note, and further underlining my inability to focus on just one idea, check out this movie trailer.  I found it extremely thought-provoking about the still-present need for feminism in our society.  Watch for the Fox News guy that says that women should not be president because of PMS.  He should be forced to live on an island without any women!:

Miss Representation 8 min. Trailer 8/23/11 from Miss Representation on Vimeo.

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Abandoned Blogs

When I started blogging back in July, I had trouble finding a blog url that was not taken.  I eventually settled on a truncated version of today is the best day of my life, todaybestlife.  Adequate, but not my first choice, it reminds me more of a segment on Good Morning America than the place where I keep my musings on life.

Tempted to find myself a different url, I tried typing in some of the prefixes that I like and discovered a veritable graveyard of abandoned blogs.  I find this irritating to discover that so many good blog names are wasted, but also fascinating, like stumbling across forgotten time capsules.  The first one I tried had been abandoned for nearly ten years!  I did not even know what a blog was in 2002.  I was a senior in high school.


Amused, I tried two more, which also proved abandoned.  It makes me wonder how many are out there.  Millions, I suspect.  I invite you to try your own favorite prefixes and see what you get.  I was hoping to stumble across like-minded blogs that maybe I’d like to follow.  Instead, I found abandoned blog after abandoned blog, reminding me of how often we start projects and quickly lose interest.

This one was actually the most interesting to me:


Someone started a luckiness experiment involving a crucifix and disappeared from the blog world after merely four days.  Outcome unlucky, perhaps?  I know, I know, my insinuation is creepy and unwarranted, I apologize.

At any rate, peeking into other people’s abandoned blog projects is an interesting reflection on human nature and life in general.  May we all find projects that keep us happy and engaged!

Happy Sunday!

PS.  I think this is becoming an obsession, almost every blog prefix I try is abandoned…

(my last name).blogspot.com (trying to protect my identity a little bit 😉

So far, of all the prefixes I’ve tried, only one has led to an active blog.  Maybe dead blogs should have a shelf life and then be thrown out so that others may claim their names?!

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I make no promises to entertain you.  Let it be known, my goal, (as all blogs seem to have a goal), is to give myself a space to share what is on my mind.  I hope to share what is going on in my life as well as things that inspire me.  I don’t mind if you have no interest in reading any of it.  No one is forcing you to!

Moreover, this is not a blog with the hidden desire to become a book or some other source of income.  Yes, I like to write and write in my spare time, but this blog is not about creating some sort of coherent marketable package. Instead, it’s just an attempt to connect more with the people in my life, (ironic, I know, since it’s online), and to become more comfortable with my writing voice that I present to other people.  I’m not a writer by occupation, which means that I often find many reasons not to write in the day.  That is why I like the blog format so much, it keeps my writing alive even when I only have energy to share an anecdote from my day.

I also feel like it’s the perfect medium to not spend so much time worrying about whether everything is beautifully interwoven and to instead just write.  In teaching kids to write, (since that is what I do by day, teach), there is a lot of emphasis on free-writing, which is something that I want to do more often.  So here I am, writing, free-writing, without the pressure to be perfect but with the pressure to write frequently.  Perfect!

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