As I wrote my book, I was pleased that the words poured out so easily.  Now, I feel frustrated that I cannot sum my book up into 200 words that I like!  It kind of reminds me of writing a personal statement for college.  I found that painstakingly difficult too.

Here is my most-current 200 word pitch.  As before, suggestions appreciated!

It began as just a drop.  One smooth drop of red blood running down her pale thigh.  She felt the moisture with her fingers and looked down to see the bright crimson stain emerging on the back edge of her linen skirt.  She felt an immediate wave of horror followed by, to her shock, relief.  

Losing the baby was symbolic of something greater, of letting go of a flailing dream of happiness, a jolt back to reality that something needed to change.  Instead of allowing their discontent to fester, Kristen and Jake decide to say “Fuck it all” to their meaningless jobs and sell their house to embark on individual journeys
of self-discovery.  Both aware of the ambiguity of this mission, as well as the risks to their marriage, the late twenty-somethings find themselves experiencing parallel adventures.  While Jake heads off on a road trip across the country, Kristen departs for Europe, secretly intent on visiting an old flame.  Certain that there must be something better, they forsake the predictable for the unknown, escaping on journeys that may or may not bring them back together.
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