I have a serious case of life ADHD right now.

I go to work, get sucked in to all kinds of wacky side projects that have nothing to do with getting me out the door at the end of the day, (Randomly inviting published author to speak in my classroom, sure, why not? Less posters on my walls, great idea Mr. Firemen, let me get started right now!).  I get home, think about taking the dog on a walk, end up preparing for tomorrow’s smoothie recipe lesson in the kitchen, decide that I should read my new book on how to get published, but then end up on the laptop writing a blog entry while lamenting the fact that I’m neither cleaning my house nor getting any exercise, (while also simultaneously fielding phone calls and responding to emails…).  Then it occurs to me that I still need to book a room in Carmel over spring break and I have the urge to abandon the blog entirely and waste two hours rereading trip advisor reviews and trying to remember which of the hotels are dog friendly.

Truthfully, I do not expect anyone to have survived that paragraph.  I’m not even sure that I want to reread it!  The point is, I run around all day, torn between a thousand things that I actually WANT to do, never able to get through it all. I know I’m not alone.  We all feel this way on some level or another.  What I do not understand is how people have children and still manage to conquer anything on the list.  And, no, I’m not contemplating having them right this minute, don’t get too excited (or annoyed, depending on who you are!), but it is something that crosses my mind when I imagine what I would give up.  I guess that the love mechanism just takes over to the point that you do not mind giving something up?  (Or, I hope it does!)

Anyway, this post has little real substance, just felt like lamenting the fact that I do not have more time by wasting time writing this.  Irony in action.  I have to remind myself:  It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.  In other words, it can all get done, just not as fast as we would like it to…

Source: via Kay on Pinterest

Back to my ADHD, thinking about staying in Doris Day’s famously dog-friendly hotel in Carmel, but can’t get them to answer an email, (heaven-forbid I pick up a phone and call them!).


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