Certain to fix your case of the Mondays…

In my family, it’s a sin to complain about Mondays.  You should be eager to get back to work.  Sometimes I am, sometimes I’m not.  Call me a sinner this week.  I had such a wonderful long weekend with Alex, eating at yummy restaurants, getting massages, enjoying the sunshine, you get the picture.  Somehow, getting back to work just does not hold the same appeal!
So, because everyone needs a good Monday smile, here is the highlight of my day– forcing my dog to try on his new beach outfit.  Who can resist a dog in a hoodie sweatshirt?  I certainly can’t.

Not sure he’s liking the hood…  I’m officially one of those people that puts her dog in clothes…  Worth it.
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2 thoughts on “Certain to fix your case of the Mondays…

  1. Chloe says:

    Totally worth it. I just got a cavity from his sweetness.

  2. chelzz says:

    that look on Simon's face totally says it all. lol

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