Partners in Crime

For me, the biggest key to marital bliss is a shared sense of humor.   If Alex didn’t laugh at my jokes, the world would be very lonely.  After all, we all want to feel like someone else understands us.  Part of being married for me is knowing that Alex will be there to laugh at my jokes even when no one else does, (and mean it, too!).  When I’m a little old lady and people ask me for the secret to a long marriage, I’m certain that my answer will be laughter.

In the spirit of this shared laughter, I want to wish happy birthday to my favorite partner in crime!  I am so grateful that we share the same quirky sense of humor, (even when other people just stare at us in silence!).  Here’s to many, many more years of post-dinner track suit purchases and hysterical laughter.  We will definitely be the most interesting couple in the retirement community.  Do you think that they’ll let us in early?  In these outfits, it’s either that or GTL and fist pumping…

I love you, welcome to 28 years of age.  It certainly does not mean that we are always grown ups, as is evidenced from the pictures below.

I would like to add that part of the beauty of these pictures is that they’re 100% sober.  The best laughter doesn’t need help!
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One thought on “Partners in Crime

  1. Tanya Leigh says:

    I love this! You two inspire me so much 🙂

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