Writing Props for the Sacramento Public Library!

The Sacramento Public Library just got a whole lot cooler!  Well, in my book at least, (and, yes, pun intended)!

The system received a grant for an “Espresso Book Machine” that puts your book into print as you watch.  If you use the machine, they automatically put one copy into the local library system.  So, it looks like I’ll get to publish (for a fee, I’m sure), whether anyone else wants to do it for me or not!

I imagine it to be extremely satisfying to see all of that hard work bound into a real book.  I already felt like a proud mother holding my loose-paged manuscript for the first time, I’m sure a real-deal book will feel pretty amazing, (although, I still have my eyes set on the prize of traditional publication).  If nothing else, it will make for a cool family heirloom!

As part of the grant, the library is offering writing classes to foster a local community of self-published writers.  I’m planning to attend some of the classes, would be cool to see you there!

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