Finding my green thumb!

What I need least in the entire world is another hobby.  
However, this weekend I found one anyway.  Gardening.  I never thought I’d say it.  I used to think it was the hobby of very patient old people, or my mom, (and, no, mom, I’m not calling you old!).  Maybe I was wrong or maybe I’m getting older, more patient, and more like my mom.  
Either way, this weekend I reclaimed my backyard from the cold ugly fingers of winter.    While there is still work to do, it went from an overgrown disaster zone, to a place that I might actually want to eat my breakfast.  I pulled out the lawn furniture, killed a few black widows, (after blessing them first), and replanted my little planter box with fruits, herbs, and veggies that I hope will survive long enough for me to actually eat.  
In the three hours that I spent engaged in manual labor, I felt strong, healthy, and connected with my little piece of earth.  It was a meditation.  I appreciated all of the work that goes into everything that we eat.  I felt happy even.  And, to top it all off– it was a workout!  I am still sore from all of that squatting and shoveling.
Here is the book that inspired it all.  Alex surprised me with it last year and I’m finally putting it to good use:
Source: via Haley on Pinterest

It convinced me that if its author could grow a cool garden on an apartment patio, I could do alright with a full-sized backyard.  Prior to reading it, my plant kill rate was about 100%.  Now I’m successfully keeping plants alive, well, most of them!
My happy little spot.  The lavender in the middle was one of the first plants that I managed NOT to kill!  In fact, it has quadrupled in size under my loving inattention!

Goodbye winter!  Hello outdoor furniture!

My box runneth over!

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2 thoughts on “Finding my green thumb!

  1. Tanya Leigh says:

    I'm so impressed! I'm terrible at gardening! You need to sync up with my sister in law, she has the cutest garden in her backyard and grows delicious fruits and veggies :).

  2. Haha, don't be too impressed… Let's see how many of the plants survive first 😉

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