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Spring Break Anticipation List

Last year, my spring break was magical. We went to Carmel, ran with the dog on the beach, dined in fancy restaurants, spied on fish at the aquarium, and ate German food with friends on a rainy evening in SF. Like I said, magical.

This year, no big trip planned. My husband has to work, and I’m left mostly to my own devices. One of the blessings of a teacher schedule is that some of my breaks are spent at home. Back when I only had three weeks off a year, every one of those vacation days was spent going somewhere. Now, I have the time to unwind.

There is, however, a catch. I have found that if I just wing it and don’t use my time wisely, I get anxious that I am squandering my valuable time off. My solution, a long to-do list, which I’ll spare you here, (because some of it is not so fun, like lesson planning and writing my last darn State of California teacher essay). Instead, I’ll just give you my favorite pieces:

  • Yoga. I know you’re shocked. I plan to use up those darn Groupons I keep buying and luxuriate in yoga all week. That in itself is a relaxing escape from normal life.
  • Read. I’m a funny reader. People give me books all the time, and instead of waiting to start a new book until I finish whatever I’m reading, I usually get impatient and add the new book to the mix, which leads to reading six books at once. I’m excited to go sit on a coffee shop patio, enjoy the week-long 70 degree forecast, and read, read, read.
  • Dogs. Yoga cat disappeared. She’s gone, our dog is lonely. My husband wants to get him a friend. I might give in… Or just take him to the dog park with my teacher friend.
  • Day-trip. If I can’t spend the week somewhere, I can at least get us out the door for the day. Thank goodness Northern California is filled with so many amazing spots. Look forward to a post about one of our favorite adventures– a Muir Beach hike and a lazy lunch on the lawn of the Pelican Inn.
  • Write. Oh yeah, and maybe I’ll write something. I have lost my momentum, but I hope to find it again over the next week.

I know I’m fortunate to have this time at home. I wish we lived in a society that created more time for people to stop and enjoy life. I know we create what we want for ourselves, but it is a nice thought. When I lived in Spain for the summer, I was taken aback by how everything shut down for summer festivals and holidays and siestas and quiet shop-free Sundays… I hope you get a little spring break in there somewhere too.

My sweet husband surprised me with some spring break tulips.

My sweet husband surprised me with some spring break tulips, a great start to my week off.

I am an ADHD reader. Here is the pile I have been reading simultaneously. My goal, finish them all so I can start a new batch!

I am an ADHD reader. Here is the pile of books I am reading simultaneously. My goal, finish them so I can start fresh.

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I thought you were dead.

I thought I killed you, little plants, by letting winter have you.

You are stronger than you look,

Green again,


Life is powerful,

I should not so easily forget.

May spring reveal its magic in other ways, as well.




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Finding my green thumb!

What I need least in the entire world is another hobby.  
However, this weekend I found one anyway.  Gardening.  I never thought I’d say it.  I used to think it was the hobby of very patient old people, or my mom, (and, no, mom, I’m not calling you old!).  Maybe I was wrong or maybe I’m getting older, more patient, and more like my mom.  
Either way, this weekend I reclaimed my backyard from the cold ugly fingers of winter.    While there is still work to do, it went from an overgrown disaster zone, to a place that I might actually want to eat my breakfast.  I pulled out the lawn furniture, killed a few black widows, (after blessing them first), and replanted my little planter box with fruits, herbs, and veggies that I hope will survive long enough for me to actually eat.  
In the three hours that I spent engaged in manual labor, I felt strong, healthy, and connected with my little piece of earth.  It was a meditation.  I appreciated all of the work that goes into everything that we eat.  I felt happy even.  And, to top it all off– it was a workout!  I am still sore from all of that squatting and shoveling.
Here is the book that inspired it all.  Alex surprised me with it last year and I’m finally putting it to good use:
Source: amazon.com via Haley on Pinterest

It convinced me that if its author could grow a cool garden on an apartment patio, I could do alright with a full-sized backyard.  Prior to reading it, my plant kill rate was about 100%.  Now I’m successfully keeping plants alive, well, most of them!
My happy little spot.  The lavender in the middle was one of the first plants that I managed NOT to kill!  In fact, it has quadrupled in size under my loving inattention!

Goodbye winter!  Hello outdoor furniture!

My box runneth over!

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