Why my toes will be naked this summer!

I love pedicures as much as the next girl.  In fact, I anxiously await the warm months for the excuse to have someone rub my feet and make my toes look cute.  It’s a cheap thrill.  In my circle of friends, it’s also a social ritual.

However, this summer, my toes will be naked.

I make this declaration now because I know that it is going to take some serious self-control to decline the inevitable invitations.

Here’s why I’m abstaining:

1.  When my last pedicure finally chipped away this fall, I discovered that my toe nails were half dead, suffocated beneath the polish.  Six months pedicure free, they’re beginning to look healthy again.

2.  Prompted by my experience above, I decided to do a little research on the chemicals in nail polish.  Among my most interesting findings, I discovered that chemical-free nail polish, which I planned to substitute, often contains the same harmful toxins despite claims to the contrary, (further reading click here).

3.  In college, my IR classes highlighted the unfortunate truth that many nail salons are part of human trafficking rings.  Immigrants are promised jobs in the US, then work as indentured servants to earn back their freedom.  The conditions of these arrangements often border on modern slavery, not to mention the harmful effects of breathing toxic nail polish all day.  Click here for one example in Ohio.

So, there you go.  Naked toes seem like an easy way to cut back on some of the toxins in my body, restore health to my sad little toe nails, and make a social statement that people shouldn’t be forced to breathe toxic nail polish fumes all day as a job.

I promise, if you know me in real life, I will attach no judgment to whether you continue to use nail polish or visit nail salons.  Goodness knows that I still buy clothes made in sweatshops, talk on a cell phone that could debatably give me a brain tumor, and partake in all sorts of other activities that people disagree with on either health or moral grounds.  I can only handle a couple of battles at a time, so I chose this one.

Good-bye nail polish 😦
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4 thoughts on “Why my toes will be naked this summer!

  1. Tanya Leigh says:

    Who's the chick with veiny hands??? Lol. I totally hear you on the toxins, remember when I woke up with my fingernails throbbing in pain from a CLEAR polish I put on? Freaks me out. Interesting to know even the "good" kind are bad. I always suspected that since they still smell really chemically. Not sure I have the strength to give up my pedis :/ but your arguments are definitely inspiring.

  2. Umm, I was actually hoping the vascular hand was mine 😉 Seriously. I think vascular is sexy, so be proud. I don't blame you for not giving them up, staring at my naked toes is already causing temptation and it's only May.

  3. I never knew that nail salons were part of human trafficking rings. That just makes me sad. 😦

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