“I would like to share what I’ve discovered in my considerable years of experience. The secret is a simple word and will at first, without contemplation, sound rather flat but give it some thought. We have been raised to have high expectations and excel for excellence — to be the most, the best, the ultimate. And, although I still believe we should work hard and strive for a better life, my contention and my prayer for those I love is that they will find the life they have chosen to be ENOUGH. I believe that word is the most underestimated word in our culture. To look at your husband, family and friends and think this life is enough… What a gift from God!”

Some of my favorite words, left as a blog comment by my aunt earlier this year.  I love the truth of her statement.  Every time I start to get impatient, I remind myself that what I already have is enough.

Thank you, Aunt Debby!

We always think that achieving specific milestones will fix everything, but really they’re just icing on the cake!

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4 thoughts on “Enough.

  1. Deb Ragsdale says:

    It’s such a pleasure watching you enjoy your journey! I have a little kernel of pride at being quoted by my niece – you honor me in having heard me! Wether we have something small or profound to share we women strive all our lives to be heard and understood. Thank you!

  2. Melinda says:

    Love this! (And the Cool Runnings reference, great movie!)

  3. Olivia, this is a great thought and very timely for me. My Grandpa always said, “What’s second place? It’s a **** loser.” Basically, he was implying that we need to win at all cost and be the best at everything we touch. I love him dearly, but this comment has had a profound negative impact on my life, leaving me always striving for perfection. My new motto is ‘Do the best I can and leave the results up to God’. This gives me a lot more peace of mind and actually makes me more successful in many endeavors.

    Thanks again for sharing that great thought. It really helped me today.


    • oliviaobryon says:

      I feel the same way, glad it resonated! I’m a total perfectionist too, and it’s nice to remind myself that perfectionism actually has very little to do with happiness. Enough is better. 🙂

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