Little Blog Renovations

I know I shared the same young literary agent’s blog last week, but she has some more great advice today about making sure you’ve covered your bases with linking social media on your site.  Amanda points out that everything should occur above the page break, which can be a little tricky if you’ve selected a WordPress template that will only allow widgets in the footer, (like me!).

My solution was a quick fix– I just created some new pages (or tabs) for contact, follow, Expecting Happiness, and my own little favorite, be brave.  Had to share because I know many of you are also aspiring writers trying to get your foot in the door with agents.  Amanda’s Thursday blog updates are always great!

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One thought on “Little Blog Renovations

  1. Wonderful tips! Thank you! I love learning things like this -things that are done purposefully but not obvious. P.s. I like your changes.

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