New Rule: Good Books Leave My House

Packages in the mail are magical.  I get just as much of a kick out of sending them as I do receiving.  Today I packaged up two books I recently finished, Sarah’s Key and the Snow Child, to mail to my aunt in Montana.  It only seemed fitting that Eowyn Ivey’s book set in the Alaskan wilderness reach her before her first winter surrounded in snow.

As I taped the box shut, I realized I usually do not keep books I like.  With the exception of a handful that I love, most of which are in Spanish because I have no one to pass them along to, my shelves are full of books that range from mediocre to downright lame.  All the good ones leave in the hands of guests.  Visit my house, you’re likely to leave with a book.

Now, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll start mailing more books after I finish them, assuming they’re any good.  I like the idea of a book being passed on and on in this fashion.  Read, then send to someone else you think might enjoy.  That way, the book lives on.  And, who knows, maybe good books will start arriving at my doorstep in return.

Life’s little pleasures unite: Passing on good books and mailing packages.


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4 thoughts on “New Rule: Good Books Leave My House

  1. Just got Sarah’s Key from the library today! And I have dibs on Bird By Bird!!! I LOVE your idea, and would love to join in on the ‘pass a long’ with you! Could be fun!

    • oliviaobryon says:

      You’ll have to tell me what you think! I enjoyed it– a quick read. And, you’re welcome to bird by bird 🙂 Look forward to anything you have to pass my way!

  2. Great idea! This is the reason my Nook now sits in a dusty corner….I hate not being able to share my books with others! We have a shelf in our school library just for teachers and we all leave books in there for others to read.

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