Hot Yoga Saved the Day

Here’s the funny thing about teaching, or at least about teaching for me.  It’s incredibly inconsistent.  Last week rocked, today sucked.  I don’t know if it is the million degree heat, (my car said 107 degrees when I left work), or that the kids are tired, but today was rough.  I had to contact six families after school because of behavior challenges.  It felt impossible to stay positive when all I wanted to do was pull my hair out.  I felt like I tried everything and nothing worked.  Relax.  Relax, damn it!

Enter hot yoga.  60 minutes of pure, power hour bliss.  It’s so funny that the very activity that scared me so much a couple months ago is now the secret to my after work sanity.  I walk in stressed, I walk out calm, happy, a million miles removed from the rest of my day.  I even like it so much that I’m recruiting teachers at work to join me.  If you have hot yoga near you– you should try it too!

One of my favorite hot yoga rituals is to pick something to concentrate on for the length of the class.  Sometimes it’s my strained neck or my weak knee, other times its a little mantra.  Today was stay positive.  After what felt like such a negative day, I needed this.  Hopefully, it will transfer over to a more positive tomorrow as well!  Let’s hope so…




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2 thoughts on “Hot Yoga Saved the Day

  1. allaccesspass says:

    So sorry you had a rough day. It seems like the honeymoon always ends too soon. Everyone is an angel the first week and then things get interesting. Hope tomorrow is a better day!!

    • oliviaobryon says:

      Thanks Melanie! It’s alright, I seem to have a lot of ups and downs with my class– I just thought perhaps things were magically fixed 😉 I could hope, right? Tomorrow will be a better day, I’m sure of it!

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