Three Cheers for Spontaneity and the Old Ball Game!

Spontaneity is generally not my thing.  I’m a planner.  I thrive off the anticipation of what’s to come. But, this weekend, I knew I had to get out of town and time kept slipping away, until suddenly it was midday Saturday and I had no plans.  Still, Sacramento, hot and smoggy, was telling me to get lost.

Lake Tahoe, probably too crowded, I decided.  Napa, still hot if it’s 100+ degrees here.  San Francisco, perfect.  Home Giants’ game, even better!  Last year around my birthday, I really wanted to go to a game, but they were playing the Red Sox and all that was left were bleachers for $75 apiece.  Yikes.  So, I was thrilled to discover the cheap seats against the Rockies were only $22.  Sold.

I recruited my dad, brother, and husband for a good old fashioned boys’ day, (plus me, of course!). Not that the women in my family weren’t invited, they were just off enjoying Outside Lands, so it was an even better opportunity to steal my favorite guys for the day.  Growing up, it was just me, my dad, and my brother for a number of years, so I’m a pro at hanging out with the boys, (probably where I developed my strange love for muscle cars…).

Sunday, Giants’ game, awesome.  The weather was in the mid seventies with a nice, ocean breeze.  The drive was pretty easy, although I was a passenger, so I can’t complain.  And, of course, the company was flawless.  Really does not get better than my three favorite guys and baseball.  The Giants even won in an exciting 8th inning comeback, inspiring me to do a happy dance.  I may not be the biggest sports fan on earth, but baseball is comforting.  It sounds like childhood, a lazy Sunday afternoon, the tv announcer calling the action, family.

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2 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Spontaneity and the Old Ball Game!

  1. kingmidget says:

    Last year, my mother and I started a tradition I hope lasts for a few more years. She bought tickets for she and I and my two boys to go to a Giants game. This year we did it again … and wen to yesterday’s game. We were on the opposite end of the field from you. Upper deck. But the seats were incredible. Could watch the sail boats between innings and see everything the game had to offer. It’s one of those moments I’m treasuring with my mom and boys. There are very few things as relaxing and enjoyable as a game at AT&T Park and, as you say about your company, the people I shared it with yesterday made it all the better. Glad you got out of your planning mode and got there. 🙂

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