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Twenty-one girls, Nine boys…

My classroom is comprised of 21 girls and 9 boys. When I first saw the numbers, I thought, wow, this is going to be interesting. Either we are going to be the chattiest bunch on the planet or one big happy family. Turns out we’re both, including the group of nine boys that still manages to be heard, loud and clear.

I have a special spot in my heart for these boys. Seriously, they make me hope to have a son someday, keeping me on my toes with their wit and humor. However, they also make my job incredibly hard. Not that the girls don’t too, but my toughest boys, the very ones that make me want to be a mom, also give me the biggest run for my money, literally.

Today they also managed to make me smile, repeatedly. Instead of making me want to pull my hair out, they made me like my job. One of my most challenging even went the entire day without a single fuss, (a first, ever). Another told me I really ought to learn how not to let his behavior stress me out because stress is not good for my health, (which made me laugh, almost uncontrollably). Still another came to school proud he read the fifty pages he was behind in his reading. And, my favorite part, two sat with me through rainy day recess content to share the raps they were working on instead of joining their peers…

So, when 4:30 rolled around and I wanted to go home, I went and watched the fifth grade boys basketball game instead. Last year they asked me a thousand times and I never went, always dissuaded by the drive or the overwhelming feeling of being a first year teacher. Tonight, they waved to me across the gym and shouted my name as I walked by their huddle. I felt loved. Amazing how a little love can make all that other stuff melt away.

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