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Saving Money on Vacation, Groupon Style

No matter where you are headed this summer, there are likely countless ways to spend your hard-earned cash. As I was researching Oahu on Yelp, I ran across a lot of reviews that suggested using Groupon and Living Social to save money. Sure enough, both options yielded countless vacation adventures I would have overlooked, like pedaling around Honolulu on a party bike, singing Karaoke at a Lost in Translation-style bar, or renting ocean kayaks.

While we ended up sticking to the more traditional catamaran tour, we still saved a lot of money, especially for eight adults traveling together. I had never thought of using these local discount services while on vacation, but now I’m hooked!

Happy summer travels.

Even got to drive the boat, no biggie.

Maybe if I’m lucky they’ll let me drive the boat again this year… Look out, Oahu.

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The Real Hawaii

I’d like to think I’m not an obnoxious traveler.  I like it all– cheap, luxury, anything in between.  Today we discovered the real Hawaii.  Not the resort or the places made to manufacture an experience.  Instead, we ate where locals eat, snorkeled at public beaches, shopped in a gritty little town where surf clothing was actually on sale instead of marked up for tourists.  We even discovered a hostel on the beach with beds for $27 a night.  No, we did not stay, but the fact that such a place exists is pretty awesome.

Sometimes I get tired of the glossy, clean, perfect version of travel.  I would have a hard time staying at an all-inclusive resort where I did not step foot off the property.  I want to know how people live in different places, I want to meet to them, to talk with them.  I especially like discovering places that are gritty, down-to-earth, without pretenses.  I get a thrill out of enjoying food that is both delicious and cheap.  Somewhere I can stand in line and actually start a conversation with someone that is not also from California.

I got my wish.  These pictures will share my finds better than my words.

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