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The Huskies Want to Hear From You!

Fixing up my classroom today, I eventually got around to our Husky Fan Club, a little patch of wall next to our carpet easel, where postcards surround a map of the world, one of my little personalized attempts to share my passion for different cultures and travel with my students. Sure, last year left the postcards a little crooked, as students strained to reread the messages on the back, but this is still one of my favorite places in our room.

As new postcards trickled in throughout the year, we read aloud what different places around the globe were like– Ireland, New York City, Sweden.  The students were excited to listen and ask questions.  In fact, many of them wrote about the Husky Fan Club being one of the most exciting parts of fourth grade.

Help us bring this tradition back to life for the new school year!  Tell us what life is like somewhere else.  For kids that have only ever left Sacramento to go on our field trip to the Exploratorium in San Francisco, anywhere is new, different, and interesting.  Heck, even I get excited when I get a postcard in the mail!  And, finding your location on our map helps develop a personalized sense of geography, especially since the carpet the students sit on is also an oversized map of the world.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you info.  We’d love to hear from you!

Send us a postcard, the kids (and I) will be excited to receive it!

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Around the World in Words

Blog stats are every nerdy international relations major’s dream.  Yes, I am talking about myself.  I won’t annoy you with breakdowns, but I will say this.  I am in awe of the global community on WordPress.  My words have gone more places than I have, and while this does make me a little jealous, I also think it is incredibly cool.  Armchair traveling at its finest.

Sure the good ol’ US of A is shaded darkest, but the fact that I get 10% of my traffic from other countries makes me geek out, in a good way.

30 countries and counting!  (Each time a new one hits the list I get excited like a little kid.)

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