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Wanted: WordPress.org Advice

Hi fellow bloggers–

I have been researching making the move from wordpress.com to wordpress.org for my other blog, Leap of Mama. Does anyone have experience with hosting a wordpress.org site? I’m looking for the simplest option that is also affordable, as I don’t have a lot of experience with site maintenance or security. Even though I like the built-in community of WordPress.com, I want more control over the ads on my site, as communities like BlogHer won’t let you join from WordPress.com.

Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated! I have read forums, but it helps to hear from other bloggers who have actually used WordPress.com as well.

Happy writing,


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Blog Mechanics: Give me your secrets!

Hey you– person scrolling through your reader, I need you to click and comment on this one, even if you usually scroll right past me. According to WordPress there are 160 of you who “follow” this blog. In reality, most of my clicks come from reposting on my personal or writing Facebook, (thank goodness for stats), so I realize followers don’t automatically mean clicks.

This morning I filled out an application to blog for Wanderlust Festival this summer in exchange for free admission. As I described my writing attributes, I realized my blog is no longer growing at the same pace it was a year ago, which is why I need your help. At some point, I stopped caring so much about building a platform and started writing just to write. I hit that sweet spot of enough regular readers to be happy with my little blog community.

However, the more I put myself out there in other writing forums, the more I realize the numbers matter to someone– you know, the people deciding who to blog on their behalf, the people willing to give me cool stuff and help me get out there on other platforms. While I may not need droves of readers for my own validation, I apparently could use them to help launch myself as a writer in other forums.

So, I want your insight–

What types of posts are you most likely to click on when I blog? (Teaching, writing, yoga, life…)

Have you noticed any similar patterns for your blog in terms of larger numbers of new followers in the beginning and then fewer as time goes on? Last summer I would get 1-2+ followers per day, now I’m lucky to get a couple in a month. I pick up more when I like/comment on new blogs, but I used to have people find me regularly on their own. Does WordPress expose you more in the beginning? It is possible my writing has changed over the course of a year, but in general I feel my content is pretty similar.

These questions may sound silly, I just want to understand what I am working with here. I notice frequently that other blogs don’t show up in my reader until much later, often causing me to miss posts, which makes me wonder whether the same thing happens to my blogs. Likewise, I notice many bloggers come and go, so I assume some of my followers are now abandoned blogs. At the end of the day, all that really matters is that I like doing this, but I would also like to better understand the dynamics of platform building.

Happy blogging and thanks for your thoughts!

Blogging for Wanderlust would be pretty amazing...

Blogging for Wanderlust would be pretty amazing…

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What’s up with WordPress?

Anyone else notice that posts are missing from your reader? I feel like I’m missing blogs I follow regularly– AND, because I follow my own blog, I’m noticing my own posts not show up. This worries me a bit, not so much because you might miss what I post, but because I feel like I’m missing what you post.

Have you noticed the same thing? Any solutions? Or… Is it just me?

Pretty much sums it up.

Pretty much sums it up. Thanks Wrinkle in Time.

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Grown-Up Halloween

If you like my writing, you’ll love Katie’s. Check out her new/old blog that she moved from Blogger to WordPress this weekend:

Grown-Up Halloween

Yes, I’m slowly convincing every blogger I know in real life to make the transition…

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Around the World in Words

Blog stats are every nerdy international relations major’s dream.  Yes, I am talking about myself.  I won’t annoy you with breakdowns, but I will say this.  I am in awe of the global community on WordPress.  My words have gone more places than I have, and while this does make me a little jealous, I also think it is incredibly cool.  Armchair traveling at its finest.

Sure the good ol’ US of A is shaded darkest, but the fact that I get 10% of my traffic from other countries makes me geek out, in a good way.

30 countries and counting!  (Each time a new one hits the list I get excited like a little kid.)

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Little Blog Renovations

I know I shared the same young literary agent’s blog last week, but she has some more great advice today about making sure you’ve covered your bases with linking social media on your site.  Amanda points out that everything should occur above the page break, which can be a little tricky if you’ve selected a WordPress template that will only allow widgets in the footer, (like me!).

My solution was a quick fix– I just created some new pages (or tabs) for contact, follow, Expecting Happiness, and my own little favorite, be brave.  Had to share because I know many of you are also aspiring writers trying to get your foot in the door with agents.  Amanda’s Thursday blog updates are always great!

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Happy One Year Blog Birthday!

Okay, so technically, I started my blog on 7/22/11, which means today is not my actual blog birthday.  Still, I am one of those people that likes to give presents early and draws birthdays out into weeks, maybe even whole months, so why not celebrate a little ahead of schedule?  Besides, I’ll be traveling 7/22, and I want this to give this post some thought.

So, let’s take a little trip back in time.   One year ago, this month, I decided to start a blog. Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s the Happiness Project, I was determined to create a regular space for something in my life that I love, writing.  I was also coming off my first juice fast, so the world looked especially magical through my newly cleansed, hippie eyes.  Thus, I named my blog, “Today is the best day of my life,” my little pinch-me-it’s-real reminder for my first summer break in years.

However, as with many good things, I eventually came to hate that name.  Funny how sometimes we even manage to annoy ourselves with our own optimism.  Still, the name stuck, because I did not know what else to call it and part of me wanted to hang on to that reminder to live in the moment.  Then, two months ago, my cousin suggested I move my blog to WordPress, clean it up, prepare to put myself out there as an author.  My chance for a new name, my own.

I took his advice, and here I am.  I have to say, there is a night and day difference between Blogger and WordPress.  Exponentially more readers, yes, but also the unexpected enjoyment of deeper connections with others.  Writers, teachers, travelers.  Turns out that deciding to start a blog was less about putting myself out there on my own and more about finding a community, a place to belong, words and all.

Here’s to many more years of blogging and writing happiness!

Live Life, Be Brave is still the guiding principal for my blog, 150 posts and one year later!

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Hurray for the Sac Girls’ Blogging Club!

Today was the inaugural meeting of the Sac Girls’ Blogging Club.  My apologies to any other club with the same name, we did not steal it from you and chances are we’d love to join forces with you if you really exist.

When people in my real life discovered that I had a blog, I started to get a lot of questions about how things work.  I also discovered the blogs of some other pretty cool people that I already knew beyond the computer screen.  Brainstorming with a friend about blogs, the idea dawned on us– we need to start a nerdy girls’ blogging club!

So, today, three of us met at Old Soul in Sac and talked WordPress vs. Blogger, WordPress navigation, site monetization, and guest blogging.  One of us is now even a WordPress convert, but we’ll wait until her style changes are ready to unveil her new WordPress home.  We also chatted about teaching, reading, summer plans, exactly the social vision that I imagined for such a club.

Now, we have the goal to make our little club a weekly occurrence.  Even if it only ends up happening a couple times a month, I’m excited.  It’s nice to connect in real life with the faces behind the stories we read online.  If you’re a chick in the Sacramento area and feel like joining us, let us know!  Sorry men, it’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that we feel safer connecting with women in person, (and, besides, you’re probably not interested in all of our chatter anyway!).

Happy blogging!

Girl Bloggers Unite! 😀

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