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Stop Chasing Unambiguous Happiness

Driving home this evening, listening to NPR describe “Why We’re Happy Being Sad,” I could not help but reflect on the concept of unambiguous happiness.

I am arguably obsessed with understanding happiness.  After all, my book is titled Expecting Happiness, the Happiness Project inspired me to start writing, and I have been chasing happiness in one form or another since childhood.  Many of us have, right?

That’s the thing.  Chasing happiness makes it sound unattainable, which is untrue.  I just think NPR touches on something real.  Most of us have a complex type of happiness.  In fact, I can’t think of anyone I know personally who doesn’t.

Maybe that’s the secret, stop chasing unambiguous happiness.

Putting it on my list of things to do.

For now, a little more ambiguously (un)happy music.  I have a thing for songs where people shout “Hey” this week, be warned.

And, I have a soft spot for these bookstore-recorded, rawly emotional gems, (probably because they were recorded in a bookstore…):

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