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Microscopes & Teaching

Christmas came early today in my classroom. Three gigantic boxes were wheeled to my door just as my students lined up from lunch. Let’s just say it was difficult to quiet their excitement. Still, like Christmas, I made them wait a bit. When finally we gathered on the carpet to examine the contents of the boxes, they clapped, grinned, and whispered eagerly.

Microscopes, magnets, electric circuits, a replica of the human skeleton… Oh my!

All thanks to $685 from Chevron on Donor’s Choose!

It’s the excitement these kids feel for something as simple as science materials that sucks me back in every time. See, some days I wonder how long I can do it. Some days I feel like I’m teaching under a microscope, especially lately with so many people in and out of my room. But then their enthusiasm for learning makes me think, well, maybe there really is something to this job I chose.

It’s kind of funny. I feel like I woke up one day as a teacher. I didn’t grow up thinking I would teach. I needed to escape my other path, liked subbing, decided why not. Everything just kind of happened naturally. One intense year of teacher residency and another year of teaching later… Here I am. While I never regret this choice, I sometimes question how long I can last. Today I’m refueled. Thanks to some microscopes, happy children, and all the learning there still is to be done.

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