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adventures in blogging

Welcoming another Blogger convert to WordPress! Hope you enjoy your new blog home Regina! 😀



 Today I had the lovely pleasure

of sipping some coffee and discussing the how-to’s

of blogging with a few friends

at this rockin coffee shop,

Weatherstone, Old Soul.

I am here to announce that I am abandoning

my Blogspot blog and am now

moving my sweet little blog to WordPress!

The adventure continues!

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Hurray for the Sac Girls’ Blogging Club!

Today was the inaugural meeting of the Sac Girls’ Blogging Club.  My apologies to any other club with the same name, we did not steal it from you and chances are we’d love to join forces with you if you really exist.

When people in my real life discovered that I had a blog, I started to get a lot of questions about how things work.  I also discovered the blogs of some other pretty cool people that I already knew beyond the computer screen.  Brainstorming with a friend about blogs, the idea dawned on us– we need to start a nerdy girls’ blogging club!

So, today, three of us met at Old Soul in Sac and talked WordPress vs. Blogger, WordPress navigation, site monetization, and guest blogging.  One of us is now even a WordPress convert, but we’ll wait until her style changes are ready to unveil her new WordPress home.  We also chatted about teaching, reading, summer plans, exactly the social vision that I imagined for such a club.

Now, we have the goal to make our little club a weekly occurrence.  Even if it only ends up happening a couple times a month, I’m excited.  It’s nice to connect in real life with the faces behind the stories we read online.  If you’re a chick in the Sacramento area and feel like joining us, let us know!  Sorry men, it’s not that we don’t like you, it’s just that we feel safer connecting with women in person, (and, besides, you’re probably not interested in all of our chatter anyway!).

Happy blogging!

Girl Bloggers Unite! 😀

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