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Week 22: Anticipating the Small Moments

This week marked the passing of the 100th day of school. The kindergarten and first grade teachers dressed up as 100 year-old ladies and the students squealed with delight. One student asked the other fifth grade teacher why we don’t dress up too. She responded, “Because we would have to be mean old ladies, not nice ones.”

That kind of sums up what teaching fifth grade feels like sometimes. I have to be stoic else I succumb to laughter over forced farts, sexual innuendo or goodness knows what else. Fifth grade is a constant adventure. Occasionally, I crack. However, it’s in my best interest to remain stern. I get why.

This week I survived some pretty traumatic fifth grade break-ups, (for them, not me), awkward puberty conversations, and the reintroduction of chocolate milk to their school diets, (a point I’m lobbying to change). My crowning achievement was not teaching my students to master adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing fractions, but rather to hold tree pose. It’s the little things.

Now, I’m home, I’m tired, and I’m ready for a well-deserved weekend. Monday I have my last mini-observation and I’m determined not to spend the next 48 hours over-thinking it. Someone else made an anticipation list for the weekend, and I have to say, this might be my favorite idea of the week. Anticipation slows down time… It also puts value on moments, big or small.

So, here’s my weekend anticipation list:

Yin yoga, (candles, 95 degrees, slow movement, meditation, bliss), no alarm clock, my nephew’s fifth birthday party, SuperBowl Sunday featuring SF (first time I’ve ever slightly cared), family dinner, tradition, query letters, my fluffy dog and Fair Oaks bridge with one of my long-time besties, hot tea, snuggling on the sofa with my honey, quiet. Maybe even a little peace.

I feel more relaxed already.

It's so easy to look forward to the big moments, I'm attempting to learn to anticipate the small ones too...

It’s so easy to look forward to the big moments, it’s refreshing to stop and anticipate the small ones instead…

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Vacation Withdrawals

I’m such a baby.  I’m finishing up my second week of work since summer vacation ended and all I can think about is how I can make my weekend feel like vacation again.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m making the absolute best of being back at work and I’m even enjoying parts of it, but I’m still coming home and googling weekend getaways, plotting how I can swing another trip over fall break, daydreaming about escaping today’s 104 degree heat to nosh on free-range fried chicken in Yountville or paddle board on the calm waters of North Lake Tahoe.

I guess that’s one good thing I can say about Sacramento, it’s less than a two hour drive from some pretty incredible places in California.  If you’re a NorCal reader, I would love to hear your favorite weekend getaways.  With the 101 degree weekend forecast, I could really use some inspiration to get myself back out of town.

Now, if only getting to Hawaii was as easy…

I’ve decided life should look like this more often.

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Cheers to new traditions!

I’m finding it very difficult to sleep in on Saturday mornings after getting up early everyday during the week.  Today, however, I did not mind, because Alex got up with me to ride our bikes to the gym and then the farmers’ market.  I had no idea that just riding our bikes instead of driving could make me like where we live more, but it did!  I had assumed that a farmers’ market in a mall parking lot would not feel the same as the markets that I love in cute little city centers, but it was surprisingly enjoyable.  Live music, beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and veggies.  I think we have a new Saturday morning tradition!

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